TCC develops documentation and training for small and large companies, government agencies, and educational institutions.

Large Urban Hospital

TCC developed role-based documentation for the hospital billing department and for managers and front office staff of 30 community clinics and medical groups associated with the hospital. TCC helped the hospital reduce costly clerical errors and integrate patient registration and billing. TCC also updated hospital information system documentation.

Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Since 2002, TCC has developed installation manuals, user guides, and service manuals for three generations of the company's dental X-ray equipment. TCC cut information development costs by generating online help and installation and user guides from a single electronic source.

Real Estate Franchiser

In 2008, TCC developed web-based help and 5 Adobe PDF manuals from a single electronic source for franchise brokers and agents who use the company's intranet-based content management system. TCC also created work process documentation for the company's corporate office staff.

Promotional Marketing Clearinghouse

TCC developed an intranet site in 2001 with information on the company's products and services. With over 500 pages, the site is now the company's go-to knowledge base for account managers, product developers, and tech support. TCC continues to update and expand the site as the company's products and services evolve.

Fortune 500 Software Developer

From 2004-2008, TCC developed documentation, online help,and instructor-led training, and staged transfer-of-information events for the company's application performance management software product. As part of the company's world-wide information development team, TCC worked with technical writers and subject matter experts on four continents.

County Stormwater Management Agency

Since 2003, TCC has worked with agency staff, engineering consultants and stakeholders to compile a technical reference manual for homeowners and developers who must comply with the county's stormwater ordinance. By using a collaborative approach to creating the content specification for the manual, TCC has helped the agency further its wetland preservation mission.

Floral Industry Leader

In 2008, TCC supplied contract technical writing services to this major leader in the floral industry. In addition to assisting with the user guide for the company's florist point-of-sale system, TCC created a series of software videos demonstrating the system's new features.

Major University Library

As part of the Library's university-wide overhaul of their website, TCC developed a six-hour seminar for library staff on Writing for the Web. At the end of the seminar, each staff member had a specific outline of their content and had practiced techniques for writing effectively for the web.