Project Highlights

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Work Process Document

To improve business continuity, TCC developed a 200-page manual covering the primary duties and tasks for the position of mid-level program coordinator. By interviewing the incumbent and her manager, examining artifacts of the job, and exercising the applications and systems, TCC compiled detailed task flows, sample screens, performance criteria, and step-by-step procedures.

Organizational Handbook

To unite volunteers, teachers and administrators around a common mission and uniform strategic planning process, TCC developed a leadership handbook for use in the district's 10 elementary schools.

User Guide and Application Help

To enable dentists and dental technicians to get started quickly, the user guide and application help describe how to use the company's image management software to take, annotate, store and communicate digital X-ray images. By developing the guide and help from a single electronic source, TCC was able to reduce documentation costs to well below industry averages.

Software Demos

To encourage adoption of the company's new point-of-sale system, TCC developed a series of software videos showing the new system in operation. Working with the company's trainer, TCC first created story boards of each demonstration. Then, using Captivate 3.0, TCC captured and edited the video sequences.

Transfer-of-Information Events

To overcome the challenge of moving highly technical product information from developers to the sales and support team, TCC structured transfer-of-information (TOI) events for a multi-national software developer. First, from sales and support, TCC listed the customer touchpoints.Then TCC worked with product developers to provide a two-day seminar on specific technical topics, including hands-on labs and simulations.

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