Serving Your Needs

Improve Organizational Performance

Work Process Documents

Pass on the knowledge and skills of your expert performers and managers in well-organized documents that focus on the job's prerequisite knowledge and skills, task steps, and performance criteria. Project Highlight

Job Aids

Facilitate accurate, immediate task performance with appealing "cheat sheets" that keep your staff up to speed.

Organizational Handbooks

Inspire a higher level of performance and commitment with a broad vision of organizational roles and processes. Project Highlight

Deliver Professional Product Documentation

User Guides

Gain your customers' loyalty and showcase your product by enabling users to make the most of your products' features and functions. Project Highlight


Reach online or application users with embedded and external user assistance. Project Highlight

Installation, Service, and Administrator Manuals

Provide product support staff with complete, task-oriented technical information.

Reduce Support Costs


Empower users to solve their own problems with well-crafted questions and answers.

Software Demos

Show users how to use your application with short videos of common procedures. Project Highlight

Transfer Knowledge

Training Courses

Improve adoption rates and user performance with instructor-led or web-based training courses.

Transfer-of-Information Events

Use your developers to train sales and support staff prior to rolling out a new product or version. TCC provides the instructional design infrastructure so your developers can focus on providing the technical information. Project Highlight

Develop your Tech Comm Capability

Organizational Development Consulting

Audit your technical communications functions and create a roadmap for your department.

Custom Technical Writing Training

Enhance the writing capacity of your staff with seminars and courses designed to meet your needs.